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AVAILABLE from Metromatics , the V5CXT is a single board embedded computer for the VME bus, with a Celeron processor that gives the user optional performance.

Using an architecture based around a local PCI bus, the V5XCT offers advanced memory technologies, processor speeds to 566MHz, SVGA GUI accelerated PCI Bus video, fast SCSI-2/wide, dual high speed 10/100Base T Ethernet on a custom DB9 connector and VMEbus VME64 block mode transfer capability.

The result is high-end workstation performance in only one VMEbus slot.

The V5CXT features new architecture based on the high speed PCI bus. As a result, peripherals such as video and Ethernet, as well as the VME interface, have a high bandwidth connection to the processor.

The V5CXT has been designed to provide all the features of a complete PC99 compatible motherboard (w/sound excluded), along with additional features such as two built-in Ethernet ports, SCSI-2 and third generation ALI Aladdin-PRO II chipset that is fully compatible with industry standard PC hardware and software.

For a fast and flexible interface to the VMEbus, the V5CXT uses the industry standard Tundra Universe II VMEbus interface controller.

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