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Dytran ultra miniature IEPE accelerometer weighing 0.2Grams

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DYTRAN Instruments, Inc. Is pleased to introduce a new model to the 3224A series of ultra miniature IEPE accelerometers, available from Metromatics . The accelerometer weighs in at just 0.2 grams. Model 3224A3 successfully reduces mass loading effects. Because of its tiny “teardrop” design, the 3224A3 is ideal for shock and vibration measurements in even the smallest locations.

Model 3224A3 is laser welded in titanium housing which ensures its robust construction and contributes to its lightweight. The model 3224A3 is available with a sensitivity of 5mV/g and can operate to temperatures up to 300°F. It features integrated electronics, an adhesive mount and a planar shear, quartz design which reduces base strain sensitivity, thermal transient response and thermal coefficient of sensitivity.

Key features:

•    Ultra Miniature design.
•    5 mV/g sensitivity.
•    0.2 Grams,
•    Integral cable.
•    Adhesive mount.

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