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SBS Technologies, represented by Metromatics , has introduced Palomar DFX, the industry’s first PowerPC Mezzanine Card (PPMC) featuring two IBM 750FX high-performance RISC processors in a single-wide form factor.

Although it provides nearly four times the processing power of existing single-wide PPMCs, Palomar DFX uses less than 15 watts of power.

Using an advanced heatsink design and new thermal interface material (TIM), SBS engineers created a sophisticated and effective cooling solution, allowing the two PPC 750FX processors to operate side-by-side without overheating.

Ideal for telecommunications applications that demand high levels of CPU processing capability, such as carrier class gateways and wireless base stations, Palomar DFX offers dramatic memory bandwidth improvements over existing designs be interweaving physical and virtual memory banks.

Unlike existing PPMCs that have 750FX chips running at 500MHz, Palomar DFX has two IBM 750FX chips that will be capable of running at up to 1GHz each. CPU PPMC customers can now get more processing power in the same form factor and still use the IBM 750FX.

Palomar DFX operates from a single 3.3V dc power supply and operates in both Monarch and Non-Monarch Mode. Although the board design supports up to 512MB ECC SDRAM, the current design features 256MB.

Two 10/100 BaseT Ethernet ports are available through the front panel RJ-45 connector, allowing for P4 I/O routing. There is an RS232 serial port on each processor available via a 3-pin front panel connector. The board also features the Marvell GT64260 Discovery Bridge.

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