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Dewetron's Sync-Clock time-tag technology for better results in flight test applications

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A single integrated Dewetron data acquisition system with Sync-Clock technology offers several advantages over conventional methods in flight testing applications.
One of the biggest challenges in recent years for flight test engineers has been the sheer number of different signals that need to be recorded in order to perform comprehensive testing on modern aircraft.
A wide variety of sensors including strain gages, accelerometers, force sensors, pressure and load sensors, thermocouples as well as voltages and currents require analogue inputs with precise signal conditioning. Data from ARINC and/or MIL-STD-1553 data buses is required in addition to power analysis of the typical 400 Hz single or three-phase system.

Dynamic testing also requires the synchronous acquisition of video feeds from on-board cameras in NTSC and PAL formats, or the addition of higher-speed video graphics to analyse actuators and other fast-moving events.

Conventionally, the different parameters are recorded using multiple dedicated instruments, but the Dewetron measurement system with Sync-Clock technology eliminates the need for multiple instruments with a single integrated system that offers advantages such as smaller size, lower power consumption, lower cost and a single user interface.

Where a single operator may find it almost impossible to monitor values from several instruments at the same time, the Dewetron data acquisition system with Sync-Clock technology allows trouble-free monitoring from a single integrated system even under challenging test conditions. Since everything is recorded in sync, accurate analysis can be performed immediately or even online during the test.

Key features and benefits of Dewetron system with Sync-Clock technology:
  • Synchronised acquisition of vastly different signal sources with Sync-Clock technology used to exactly time-tag all data sources
  • Precise 80 MHz clock generated and divided to multiple phase-synchronous slower clocks for analogue inputs, bus data or video pictures
  • All recorded values can be hardware synchronised to an external time reference (PPS signal from GPS or IRIG time codes)
  • Systems in the air and ground can be networked for specific applications such as determining noise emission
  • Allows flight test engineers to make a wide range of measurements with less equipment, easier setup and better results in a shorter time
  • Hundreds of measurements from multiple sources recorded in sync and referenced to external time
  • Eliminates need to laboriously time align multiple files from different instruments
  • Prevents the need for expensive re-testing
  • Ensures better overall test results
Dewetron is represented in Australia and New Zealand by Metromatics .

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