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Dewetron DEWE-3020 Portable Measurement Instruments with Isolated Inputs from Metromatics

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Metromatics  presents the portable DEWE-3020 rugged measurement systems for galvanically isolated amplifiers from Dewetron.  

Designed for field applications, the portable measurement instruments feature a built-in touchscreen display, high isolation signal inputs, high sampling rates up to 1 MS/s, up to 24-bit resolution and data throughput of 70 MB/s.  

The DEWE-3020 can be powered from AC or DC supply, or with a hot-swappable battery power supply option.  

High quality and efficient data processing is guaranteed with signal sources such as analogue, digital, CAN-bus, GPS, video data and counter already synchronised during recording.  

DEWE-3020 portable measurement instruments come with DEWESoft, a user-friendly and award-winning software that enables synchronised data acquisition and analysis from different signal sources.  

The powerful Intel Core 2 Duo processor supports the high-performance online mathematical functions, displaying data on different screens during measurement.  

In analyse mode, the powerful mathematical functions can be applied to previously acquired channels, and simple reports can be generated. Results are shown online on the 15.4" TFT display with touchscreen capability.  

The optional battery power supply with an operational time of up to 3 hours per battery set turns the DEWE-3020 into a fully battery-powered instrument. The two hot-swappable batteries guarantee continuous operation without an external power source.  

Key features of DEWE-3020 portable measurement instruments: 

  • Offers 16 differential or 8 isolated analogue inputs
  • Extension to 16 isolated inputs is made possible by using an external rack
  • Sensors can be easily connected via TEDS (Transducer Electronic Data Sheet)
  • An MSI (Modular Smart Interface) can be used to expand the measurement functionality
  • Add-on for bridge and voltage amplifier modules enables measurement of thermocouple, IEPE, RTD, Pt100 to Pt2000, charge or voltage up to 200V
  • Offers up to 64 digital inputs, 16 digital outputs, 20 counter/encoder inputs, 4 CAN-bus interfaces, FlexRay, ARINC-429 and MIL-STD data buses
  • Integrated USB or LAN interfaces can be used for simple data sharing
  • DEWE-CAM can be used to record perfectly synchronised videos
  • Can connect to low cost cameras including FireWire, USB or analogue-sync for less demanding applications
  • Different synchronisation possibilities to IRIG or GPS, with multiple instruments synchronised using the proprietary SYNC interface
  • Designed for use in harsh environments and compliant to EN 60068
  • Lightweight and compact size with a 1000 GB hard disk makes it ideal for mobile applications  

The 3020-DC-UPS option changes the standard AC power supply to a wide range DC power supply with UPS function for about 5 minutes, making the measuring instruments suitable for in-vehicle testing or power monitoring applications.

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