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DataMetrics launches new GPS system

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DataMetrics, in collaboration with LogicAll Solutions, LLC has launched TerraRover GPS systems for the Surface and Aggregate Mining Industry.

DataMetrics recently partnered with software provider LogicAll Solutions in order to create an integrated solution to help increase productivity, revenue, and provide greater safety for surface and aggregate mining companies.

The TerraRover GPS systems start with the DataMetrics TuffRider touch-screen computer.

This ruggedised, touch-screen computer, is shock and vibration tested to withstand harsh conditions, intense temperatures, and is completely sealed to prevent sand, dust, and moisture from damaging the internal components.

Next, the LogicAll Solutions software is added, which is specifically designed to be used by heavy equipment such as dredges, dragline excavators, and blast rigs for aggregate and surface mining operations.

These software packages use GPS coordinates to assign production lines to follow and assign exact blasting patterns to assist field engineers. Additional navigation software can be used for any type of vehicle.

Information displayed includes assigned production lines or blast patterns, current position, and distance of the boom tip or drill head from the current dig line, pile, or drill marker.

Multiple production points or lines can be assigned to each system, eliminating the need to stop production to locate and mark the next point or line to follow.

Production lines or blast patterns can be assigned at a dispatcher’s PC and then loaded to the equipment operators TuffRider computer via USB drive.

DataMetrics designs, develops and manufactures Tempest, MIL-spec, RCOTS and COTS displays, printers, embedded and rack mountable computers, TuffRider line of touch-screen computers, ATR and rack mountable VME and CompactPCI chassis, and customer-specific products.

LogicAll Solutions, the creator of the TerraRover GPS systems, develops software and designs systems for vehicle and mobile system monitoring, aggregate mining sites as well as plant floor control and data acquisition.

DataMetrics is represented in Australia and New Zealand by Metromatics .

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