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Acromag’s XMC-6260 provides a 10GbE interface solution for data-intensive real-time embedded computing systems. 

The XMC module achieves ultra-high performance using a hardware-based TCP/IP offload engine (TOE processor). Implementing the TOE fully in hardware, relieves the CPU from TCP/IP overhead and frees it to perform other tasks. The TCP offload removes network bottlenecks to ensure determinism and reliability with low latency, even under high loads.

Typical applications of Acromag’s XMC-6260 include high-speed data storage, image collection/transfer, distributed critical control networks, and board-to-board interfaces.

Key features of Acromag’s XMC-6260 modules include: Dual 10 GbE interface via XAUI 10GBASE-KX4; XMC PCI Express Gen2 x8; Supports up to 1M connections; Full offload support for: TCP, UDP, iSCSI, FCoE; Low processor overhead; Very low Ethernet latency; High-level determinism; Zero-copy direct data placement; and traffic filtering and management.

Acromag is represented in Australia and New Zealand by Metromatics .

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