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APPLIED Microsystems, represented by Metromatics , has announced its next generation PowerPC emulator, PowerTAP PRO. The new PowerTAP PRO represents a dramatic increase in crash proof, in-circuit emulation and debugging performance, and delivers much broader processor support than its predecessors.

New processor support includes: Motorola's PowerPC ISA-based MPC7451, MPC7441, MPC7455, MPC7445, MPC7441, and PowerQUICC II, MPC8266, MPC8265, MPC8264, and MPC8250 and IBM's PowerPC 750FX and 450GPr.

PowerTAP PRO is a next generation low cost emulator based on a new platform that delivers robust connections for both JTAG and DPI probes. PowerTAP PRO builds on all the features and support previously offered in PowerTAP II including Applied's system browser technology that allows the user to see, document and manage the entire system memory map down to bit-level detail in one easy to use interface.

Applied has re-engineered how PowerTAP actually retrieves, translates, reads and writes registers so that the user experiences unprecedented speed during system configuration and integration.

PowerTAP PRO also comes with diagnostic testing and scripting, Ethernet connectivity and speed.

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