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Conduction-cooled range for I/O applications

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SBS Technologies, represented by Metromatics , has introduced five new conduction-cooled, COTS I/O products that support rugged applications requiring high performance and interoperability with other SBS products.

This range includes: a PMC audio card; an IEEE 1394 CompactPCI host bus adapter (HBA); 3U CompactPCI and PMC high speed serial (HSS) cards; a 1Gb/s fibre channel PMC; and a family of digital I/O cards.

The audio PCI mezzanine card (PMC) is Sound Blaster -compatible and can interface to a single stereo line input, stereo auxiliary input, a microphone, mono input, mono output, amplifier-driven speaker outputs and a hardware volume control.

The PMC audio card includes a music synthesiser, a 3D stereo effect processor and 16 bit stereo sound recording and playback capabilities. This audio card is suited to use in rugged airborne avionics and vetronics applications such as aural warning systems, signal intelligence applications and embedded training systems.

The 2344-CC conduction-cooled IEEE 1394 HBA for CompactPCI systems provides three 400Mb/s IEEE 1394A ports. These ports can be used for avionics subsystem interconnects or connection of any 1394 device, for example a digital video or still camera, a disk drive, or another 1394 host computer.

The HBA supports serial data rates of 100, 200 and 400Mb/s. Additional features include a mezzanine connector for a 32 bit PMC and an OHCI standard register set.

The 3U CompactPCI and PMC HSS cards are conduction-cooled. In a 3U CompactPCI form factor, 12 fully programmable ports are provided, while eight fully programmable ports are provided in a PMC form factor.

For synchronous protocols using an external clock, the HSS card support data rates of up to10Mb/s. For asynchronous protocols, the cards can support data rates of up to 2Mb/s.

The HSS cards also feature popular baud rates of up to 921.6Kbaud using the standard 14.7456MHz oscillator in the RS232 and RS422 interface modes.

The cards are suitable for use in applications where high density serial communication controllers are required, such as mission processors and flight management systems for airborne and ground vehicle applications.

The FC22A-CCPMC-1C fibre channel PMC has tough features that allow it to operate in harsh environments. The 1Gb/s 64 bit/66MHz fibre channel PMC provides the high sustained throughput and low latency required for real-time and storage applications.

The 1Gb/s fibre channel PMC includes optimised device drivers for Windows NT, Windows 2000/XP, VxWorks, Linux, and LynxOS. It supports one copper interface, offers rear I/O and has a military style rugged connector for the fibre channel interface.

SBS digital I/O cards provide a rugged interface to CompactPCI and other buses. The digital I/O cards are suitable for military applications requiring reliable input and output of analogue and digital signals.

Standard digital I/O configurations are available for a wide variety of inputs and outputs suitable for interfacing controls, transducers and other systems. Custom configurations are available upon request.

All members of the digital I/O family feature DSP/FPGA based smart processors capable of pre-processing data and unloading the host processor.

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