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SBS Technologies, represented by Metromatics, has introduced the Sentiris S4110-CD00-AR COTS graphics subsystem offering high performance and excellent image quality in a conduction cooled PMC format.

SBS Technologies developed the new Sentiris derivative products under a licensing agreement with Quantum 3D.

Based on NVIDA's Quadro4 embedded Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), Sentiris is an IEEE P1383.1 compliant PMC for applications such as avionics, vetronics and embedded training.

Sentiris delivers the high performance, low power consumption, heat dissipation, superior image quality, advanced video I/O capability and unique integration features that are essential for mission critical embedded computing applications.

The S4110-CD00-AR is built with thermal layers, all I/O out PMC P4, no front panel or side connections, acrylic conformal coating and supports operating temperatures from -40° to +85°C.

Featuring a 128-bit interface to 64MB of DDR memory, the Sentiris PMC hosts a dedicated graphics bandwidth of 7GB/s enabling delivery of up to 400 megapixels per second (trilinear) pixel fill rate, 3.5M independent, texture mapped triangles per second (trilinear) and 2.6M 3D anti aliased lines per second when deployed with single board computers that support 66MHz PCI bus interconnects.

The PMC provides 16-bit or 32-bit RGBA and Z with both Accuview full scene and Quadro4 drawing primitive anti-aliasing, combined with both trilinear and anisotropic, texture filtering.

The Sentiris board also supports key workstation-level features such as overlay planes and two-sided lighting that facilitates bringing new capabilities from the lab to the field.

The S41100-CD00-AR supports Windows 2000, Linux and VxWorks operating systems. Windows drivers are provided.

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