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SBS Technologies, represented by Metromatics , has introduced the third generation of 1553 conduction cooled FPGA-based ASF interface boards.

This new release consists of three ASF 1553 boards: The ASF-PMC-4T module, the ASF-PCI-4T for lab and testing use and the 3U ASF-cPCI3-3T designed for flexible data testing. An ABI version of the 3U cPCI3-3T is also available.

Designed to bring 1553 functionality to PCI, PMC, and CompactPCI (cPCI)-based systems, these boards offer a complete 1553 interface including 1553A/1553B selections, pointer-driven transmit and receive buffers, extensive programmable event interrupts and triggers.

All functions include multiple DMAs per message, built-in monitoring and 48-bit, 1 microsecond resolution time stamps.

The ASF interface boards are based on an FPGA processor and dual port RAM which add more data channels, aiding applications that rely heavily on data throughput performance.

The host processor, through the 1MB of parity RAM per channel, has easy access to the 1553 interface data structure set-up, and can readily monitor and change any data parameters.

Bus Controller simulation structures consist of linked lists of 1553 command messages: Bus Controller to Remote Terminals, Remote Terminals to Bus Controller, Remote Terminals to Remote Terminals, mode code, and broadcast and time delay block transmissions.

Bus activity can be monitored in Map and Sequential modes providing user-defined linked lists of data buffers and sequential 1553 activity.

These boards include host processor device drivers and APIs. Also included is the Integrated Avionics Library with source code and low level drivers. The ASF-PMC-4T and ASF-cPCI-3T support Linux and VxWorks operating systems and the ASF-PCI-4T supports Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

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