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THE new Huntron TrackerPXI, available from Metromatics Pty Ltd , is designed to add component level diagnostics to an existing PXI test platform.

The device’s ProTrack Signature Analysis capabilities help you troubleshoot printed circuit board (PCB) faults to the component level.

Signature Analysis works by applying a current-limited AC sine wave across two terminals of a component.

A unique current vs voltage signature is created, which represents the overall health of the device under test. It lets users identify component leakage and substrate damage that is difficult to find with conventional testing methods. Users can troubleshoot components without applying power, saving circuits from possible further damage.

The Huntron TrackerPXI is controlled by the new Huntron Workstation 4.0 software for test database creation and signature capture. Signatures from known good PCBs are stored in the test database and used for comparison when troubleshooting suspect PCBs.

Interfacing the Huntron TrackerPXI to test points can be accomplished manually using Huntron Microprobes or automatically when used with a Huntron Robotic Prober such as the Huntron Access Automated Probing Station.

Features include:

* Add the benefits of Power-Off test to a PXI based test systems

* Match the circuit impedance by setting the applied voltage, frequency and source resistance

* Interface to the Huntron Access Prober

* Use Huntron Workstation software (required) for test creation and signature storage.

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