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Secure Communication Systems has released Auriga Workstation which is a rugged, lightweight portable tablet computer designed to provide situational awareness and satellite communications capabilities. Auriga Workstation is provided with either a commercial GPS or an integrated GB-GRAM SAASM. An internal L Band Transceiver Module is also available.

The Auriga is constructed using a two piece light weight aluminum chassis and weighs approximately 3.2 kg with the internal battery. The overall dimensions of the Auriga are 7.12” x 10.25” x 2.25”

The CPU runs at 1 GHz and supports up to 1 GB of on board RAM while operating at low power. The system features a fast video processor with up to 128MB of shared video RAM. A 6.4” diagonal LCD with an integrated touch panel provides the system human interface. The transflective display is 640 x 480 pixels with up to 262K colours, is sunlight readable and dimmable to less than 1.5 cd/m2 for night vision compatibility.

Additionally, the system is equipped with control buttons and a miniature mouse for cursor positioning. System storage is housed in a removable canister and is capable of supporting up to 40GB. The system also contains SecureDisk hardware encryption (a Secure Communications Proprietary feature) that can be zeroised in less than 30msec. Various other Canisters are available.

The system currently uses Windows XP based open system software but is capable of supporting Linux. The Auriga is equipped with 2 configurable RS232/422 ports, 2 USB Ports, Ethernet, 10/100 BaseT, external VGA output, dual Type I/II PCMCIA adapter slots, a fill connector and GPS antenna connection. The Auriga also contains an internal batter and charger, capable of providing up to 2 hours of power (when fully charged).

The Auriga Workstation is available from Metromatics .

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