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article image Offers 4 full-duplex OC-3 ATM ports.
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SBS Technologies has introduced the Telum 1004-O3 AdvancedMC ATM module.

Available from Metromatics , the 4-port Telum 1004-O3 AdvancedMC is a high performance, single wide, full height, PICMG AMC.1 compliant ATM adaptor featuring a front 4-port full duplex OC-3 interface and is intended for high availability Telecom applications.

The Telum 1004-O3 uses the PCI Express Bus to communicate with the host processor on an Advanced Telecom Computing Architecture (AdvancedTCA) system as well as other architectures.

This AdvancedMC module complies with ATM Forum UNI 3.1 and TM 4.0 and is based on an advanced ATM Segmentation and Reassembly (SAR) Controller designed to optimise the PCI Express Bus interface.

The Telum 1004-O3 features Automatic Protection Switching (APS) and supports initiation time requirements as required in Bellcore Standard GR-253-CORE.

If a network failure condition is detected, a network port can be shut down and network termination switched to a second port. This APS function can be performed automatically or under host control to ensure high availability of services.

The Telum 1004-O3 uses an Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) subsystem to initialise board level parameters, monitor board voltage and temperature conditions, maintain system status and manage hot swap operation.

A microcontroller is used as the IPMI intelligence and connects to the AdvancedTCA System Management bus and the local PCI Express Bridge device.

The Telum 1004-O3 is hot swappable and field-replaceable in accordance with AdvancedMC specification AMC.1.

The Telum 1004-O3 supports Microsoft Windows 2000/XP, standard Carrier Grade Linux and VxWorks operating systems and ships with compatible drivers.

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