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ATM AdvancedMC module for telecommunications systems

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SBS Technologies continues its role as an embedded network industry market leader by introducing the newest member of its Telum 1000 line - the Telum 1001-DE DS3/E3 ATM network adaptor.

Available from Metromatics Pty Ltd , the single-wide, full height Telum 1001-DE adaptor is designed for applications requiring full-duplex DS3/E3 ATM Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity such as DSLAMs, wireless networking, router/gateways, streaming video, and protocol internetworking.

The 1001-DE is a PICMG AMC.0 and AMC.1 module that complies with ATM Forum UNI 3.1 and TM 4.0 specifications and is based on an advanced ATM Segmentation and Reassembly (SAR) Controller designed to optimise bus transfers.

The 1001-DE supports one full-duplex ATM DS3/E3 port for protocol data unit sizes as small as two cells.

The traffic management co-processor within the SAR supports Constant Bit Rate (CBR) and Variable Bit Rate (VBR) among other bit rates.

Users can assign parameters to the xBR traffic block to maximise line utilisation by automatically scheduling each virtual channel connection (VCC).

In accordance with AMC.0 specifications, an IPMI microcontroller subsystem initialises board-level parameters, monitors board voltage and temperature, maintains system status and hot-swap operations.

The Channel and Digital Service Unit (CSU/DSU) network management subsystem provides line alarm conditions and performance data monitoring statistics to help managers keep tabs on line performance.

The CSU/DSU functions run in an on-board microcontroller allowing Facilities Data Link functions to be performed in hardware rather than on the hosts system like other competing products.

The Telum 1001-DE ATM network module features line traffic management including:

* Full Duplex DS3/E3 ATM I/O

* AMC.1 specification compliant

* Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI)

* Hot swap capable

* Local CSU/DSU management.

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