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ATI (Advanced Telemetrics International, Inc), a leading global supplier of wireless telemetry products has partnered with Metromatics to introduce a state-of-the-art wireless high bandwidth telemetry system into Australia and New Zealand.

Wireless telemetry is increasingly being adopted for wireless transmission of various kinds of data.

Often there is a need to take measurement data from a diverse range of diagnostic equipment such as data acquisition systems or various sensors in difficult, dangerous or even impossible environments.

There has been a continuous requirement for a viable system that could transmit a range of data wirelessly.

Metromatics has now teamed up with ATI to introduce the advanced range of wireless telemetry systems in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

ATI has been involved in wireless telemetry since 1987, and is now a leading global supplier of wireless telemetry systems, producing functional state-of-the-art equipment.

The high bandwidth wireless telemetry systems provide a high bandwidth link from sensors mounted on rotating shafts, reciprocating rods or other moving machinery to stationary data acquisition and display instruments.

The 2100H series wireless telemetry system is capable of transmitting data with dynamic signal content from DC up to 5 kHz. These systems are ideal for transmitting high speed data signals from accelerometers, RTDs, strain gauges, thermocouples, thermistors or any other current or voltage type transducer or sensor.


The 2100H series miniature transmitters incorporate a crystal oscillator that is tuned to one of 100 possible frequencies in the 900MHz band, eliminating the need for tuning by the end user.

Transmitter frequencies can be staggered allowing multiple transmitters to be operated in close proximity with no interference. This allows for multi-channel systems or multiple systems to function within the same area.

The transmitter modulates the sensor signals onto a RF carrier and transmits them to a stationary receiver.

Power to the transmitter can be supplied by a 9-volt battery or a rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack. Transmitters incorporate an internal power, temperature and status monitor, which provides constant feedback to the operator via the receiver’s multi-function display.


The 2100H Series receiver demodulates the signal and converts it to a ±2, ±5 and ±10VDC or 4-20mA analogue output. The wide band analogue output provides frequency response from DC to 500Hz.

A second optional filtered output set to any desired frequency is available for maximum signal stability. The receivers also remotely control the transmitter’s On or Sleep status and activate the Bipolar Shunt Calibration feature.

An ‘All’ function allows for control of all transmitters in a range from a single receiver.


Transmitters are compactly sized to be taped or strapped to a rotating shaft. They can also be used with a 2100H Series collar assembly or mounting block for quick and easy installation.

The collar assembly or mounting block can be designed to clamp or bolt directly to existing shafts or other components to house the transmitter and battery as well as an integral transmitting antenna.

Advanced Telemetrics products have been utilised for testing in automotive, aerospace, biomedical and a variety of other research and development-related applications by major universities and corporations worldwide.

Advanced Telemetrics International, Inc is represented in Australia and New Zealand by Metromatics.

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