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8 channel transducer amplifier-digitiser

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article image Accepts 1/4, 1/2 and full-bridge transducers.
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PACIFIC Instruments has released a new 8 channel transducer amplifier-digitiser called the Model 6035.

Available from Metromatics Pty Ltd , the 6035’s input module has eight channels of programmable transducer signal conditioning amplifiers and digitiser.

Each channel has programmable voltage excitation, bridge completion and balance, programmable gain instrumentation amplifier, four-pole low pass filter and sample and hold amplifier.

Channel outputs are multiplexed and digitised to 16 bits then provided to the 6000 data bus.

In addition to the digitised output, each channel has an analogue output providing a means to monitor or record each channel.

The 6035 is used with 1/4, 1/2 and full bridge transducers, potentiometres and low-level voltage signals. It is particularly suited to strain gages.

A shielded four-wire input provides signal and excitation connections to the transducer. Excitation is programmable from 0V to 12V for each channel.

Individual excitation regulators and careful routing of power traces and grounds results in less than 0.01% effect due to loading or a short on another channel. A calibration mode is provided to measure the excitation voltage.

Features include:

* Accepts 1/4, 1/2 and full-bridge transducers

* Excitation programmable for each channel

* Shunt and voltage calibration

* Automatic balance and zero

* Gains 1 to 5,000 with 0.05% accuracy

* Four-pole, low-pass filter

* 10KS/s ADC with 16-bit resolution

* Programmable alarms.

Metromatics provide exceptional sales, service and support for all Pacific Instruments’ Eequipment in Australia and New Zealand.

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