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Metromatics presents GE Intelligent Platform’s Series of 3U OpenVPX Processor Series with the 3U OpenVPX-REDI GFG500 Gigabit Ethernet Video Processor and 3U OpenVPX-REDI MCP500 Processor.

The 3U OpenVPX utilises the Tilera TILEPro64 many-core processor, which makes these rugged boards ideal for demanding video and network processing applications in harsh environments, such as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and ground vehicles.

The GFG500 are preloaded with GE Intelligent Platform’s powerful and sophisticated algorithms for capturing and processing multiple simultaneous video streams from gigabit Ethernet-compliant video sources while providing optimum speed of implantation and time to market.

The MCP500 are general purpose, many-core processors that are designed to provide a powerful and flexible platform that can accelerate software applications through multiprocessing. They are ideal for rugged net-centric applications such as packet processing, instruction detection/deep packet inspection, unified threat management, network monitoring and forensics in tactical wireline and wireless environments.

The GFG500 and MCP500 3U OpenVPX Processors, manufactured by GE Intelligent Platforms and available from Metromatics, are ideal in delivering outstanding video and networking performance in rugged and harsh environments, particularly in unmanned vehicles such as unmanned aerial and ground vehicles.

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