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32-channel digitiser available from Metromatics

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Pacific Instruments has introduced model 6016 which has thirty-two input channels that are digitised to 16-bit resolution and output to the series 6000 data bus.

Each channel is capable of digitising at up to 5,000 samples per second.

The 6016 is used to digitise high level signals, usually the output of signal conditioning amplifiers or other measuring instruments.

The 6016 is organised as four groups of eight channels. Each group has an eight channel, differential input multiplexer, unity-gain differential amplifier and analogue to digital converter.

The differential inputs have 50 Megohm input impedance, 75 dB common mode rejection, and are protected to ±25 Volts.

A voltage calibration input is provided in each group of channels for gain calibration of the differential amplifier and analogue to digital converter.

Both gain and zero calibration employ digital-to-analogue converters with the calibration DAC settings stored in non-volatile memory on the module. Zero calibration is automatic and gain calibration is automatic when using PI660 software with a traceable calibration reference.

Pacific Instruments manufacture High Performance Data Acquisition, Signal Conditioning and Transient Recording Systems.

Metromatics  is its distributor in Australia and New Zealand.

Pacific Instruments – Model 6016

  • Differential input, ±10 volts
  • 50 Megohms input impedance
  • 5 kS/s per channel
  • Gain calibration by voltage substitution
  • Automatic zero
  • Programmable alarms

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