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Shelving and Pallet Racking Systems from Metalsistem Australia

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Metalsistem Australia  is a specialist provider of a comprehensive range of shelving systems and pallet racking systems to meet diverse needs in domestic, retail, commercial and industrial environments.

Storage space is a critical component in any business operation and effective space utilisation is key to greater business efficiency.

Lack of storage space makes many companies relocate unnecessarily when the space they need is around them.

Metalsistem’s storage solutions offer multiple ways for any business to utilise their space by opening up new storage and floor space options within the existing operational area.

Metalsistem offers a wide range of shelving systems, pallet racking systems, archive storage systems as well as warehouse shelving systems and storage systems.

Metalsistem can design, manufacture and install any kind of storage or shelving system required by businesses to suit specific requirements.

Super 123 shelving series from Metalsistem meets a variety of storage and shelving needs.

Made from high tensile galvanised steel, Super 123 shelving systems are fully adjustable and boltless storage systems designed for light to medium storage requirements and can be used in the construction of a multi-tier structure.

Super 123 shelving systems feature an attractive high tech design that is pleasing to the eye and can provide unique storage solutions for application in domestic environments.

Key features of Metalsistem’s Super 123 shelving systems: 

  • Multiple applications from warehouses, libraries, hospitals and museums to offices and workshops as well as retail and domestic environments
  • Finds application in any environment where strong and reliable shelving is required
  • Easily adjustable shelf heights give the freedom to place shelves where required
  • Wide range of accessories available including drawers, dividers and modular containers

Shelving and pallet racking systems from Metalsistem are built to last. With all the basic components, the shelving system can be easily extended to individual bays or continuous runs of bays.

Metalsistem has been supplying their shelving and pallet racking systems to the industrial market since 1968.

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