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Metalsistem promotes energy independence and recycled steel use at Italian head office

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article image 12,000 solar panels provide all the energy required at Metalsistem's Italian manufacturing plant

A new step forward for the deployment of energy produced by the sun, Metalsistem 's head office in Rovereto, Italy, is the second largest business in Italy to have a photovoltaic installation on its roof.

With 12,000 panels installed covering an area of 40,000 sqm (one tenth of the entire industrial area) producing an output of 2,800 kw, this is all the energy that Metalsistem needs for its manufacturing plant.

This installation alone saves 7,000 pounds of sulfur dioxide, 2,200 pounds of nitrogen oxide and 262 pounds of carbon powder from entering the atmosphere each year.

As part of the construction of the solar array, Metalsistem's owner designed and produced the support brackets for the panels, adding another durable component to the company's product range.

The solar panels, supplied by Dolomite Energy, are high quality devices that are provided with a guarantee of no more than 20% wear after 20 years.

The panels are that good that during a recent hail storm, with hail the size of tennis balls hitting at a speed of 100 kph, the glass panels remained undamaged and unscratched.

Metalsistem promotes Dolomite Energy as they hold the symbolic title of the first company to offer fully sustainable and carbon neutral emissions.

The photovoltaic installation has the understanding and signed commitment of the province of Rovereto, the Trentino development, trade union certificates and tourism, with the aim of encouraging the spread of renewable energy amongst other manufacturers.

Metalsistem will help to promote all photovoltaic installations with Dolomite Energy, with the aim to put in a single solar park that would cover the energy needs of many industries and reduce CO2 emissions.

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