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Company Focus: Metalsistem Australia's pallet racking solutions for heavy duty industrial applications

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article image High performance and simplicity of assembly are key characteristics of the Super 4-5-6 series

The Metalsistem storage solutions discussed so far in this series have been designed for light to medium duty industrial applications such as archival storage, spare parts and tyre storage for the automotive industry, and small parts stores for goods ranging from plumbing to electrical items.

While these systems certainly satisfy a variety of industrial storage needs, sometimes the requirement is for a more robust storage solution that is capable of holding in excess of several tons per frame section. This is where Metalsistem's heavy duty storage systems come into play, such as the pallet racking system we will discuss below.

Super 4-5-6 series for pallet racking and mezzanines
The Super 4-5-6 series was specifically designed by Metalsistem to satisfy industrial pallet racking, mezzanine and automated storage requirements.

Offering high performance while being simple to assemble, the Super 4-5-6 series is comprised of two main components:

  • the upright, a closed section without cuts or openings with 8 connection points on 4 faces; and
  • the beam, a standardised section for both pallet racking and shelving requirements, adopting a profile containing up to a 4 fold variation in material thickness.
The upright is designed to ensure versatility in both pallet racking and mezzanine applications, providing a connection point for two beams on the same face and level of the upright. Beams can be coupled and connected onto the same face of the upright in parallel.

Mezzanines in a variety of configurations can be created using the Super 4-5-6 series. This allows the form and shape of the system to be optimised specifically to client requirements.

The system is also suitable for drive-in installations. By eliminating feed corridors, Metalsistem estimates that drive-in systems can more than double the storage capacity of a warehouse.

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