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Pneumo-Power pneumatic accessory from Metal Work Pneumatics

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Metal Work Pneumatic , the Italian pneumatics supplier, has produced a unique product that can reduce the environmental impact of using compressed air.

Pneumo-Power pneumatic accessories incorporate an electric generator powered either by exhaust air or a compressed air supply to create 24 VDC locally where the installation of wiring isn’t feasible.

In Industry, compressed air is readily available in the industrial sector. It is a reliable source of clean, conveyable and non-flammable energy. With the Pneumo-Power pneumatic accessory it can now be used to power PLCs, PCs, cameras, lighting and sensors.

The voltage output remains constant irrespective of changes in input pressure between 3 and 7 bar and an easy to read light displays the status of the module.

The next version Pneumo-Wireless is coming soon. This will communicate wirelessly through Bluetooth with inputs and outputs built into the module. It is a self contained electric generator with input and output communication facilities that only needs air to operate.

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