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Industrial mobile electro-polishing machine from Metal Science Technologies

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Metal Science Technologies  has recently launched mep BLITz, which is an industrial mobile electro-polishing machine that is 8 times faster than electrochemical weld cleaning machines and weld pickling machines. The mep BLITz uses food grade acids rather than the acutely toxic and highly hazardous chemicals in pickling pastes.

Decades of corrosion testing have proven that electro-polished surfaces will resist corrosion up to 30 times more than commonly specified chemical passivation1.

Independent salt bath weld tests have shown that welds which have been electro-polished with the mep BLITz are significantly more corrosion resistant than mechanically finished welds and those cleaned with a weld pickling machine.

Scanning electron microscopy has shown that pickling paste chemicals have an etching effect which can increase the surface roughness profile, resulting in an obvious contamination problem.

Electro-polishing improves corrosion resistance and durability. It also reduces bacterial growth, friction and wear. Electro-polished stainless steel will be easier to clean because of reduced build-up of products and contaminants on the surface.

The mep BLITz is fast and can achieve a good mirror finish while a person watches (2B to mirror in seconds) so it delivers labour savings and quality compared to alternative finishes. It eliminates the need for mechanical finishing of welds and it is easy to use with no special training required.

Greg Ashton, Production Manager at K&R Fabrications using the mep Blitz for several months said, “The mep BLITz electro polishes the welds with incredible efficiency on stainless pipe work and fabrications. Due to the speed it saves us many dollars.”

The mep BLITz uses a safe food grade/non-stain electrolyte solution which dramatically improves worker safety and environmental impact. Pickling paste is typically a highly toxic chemical cocktail and prohibited for OH&S reasons on many commercial sites. The correct OH&S requirements for workers handling pickling paste are onerous in process, time and cost and while they reduce the health risk they do not remove it. With the mep BLITz there is no stain from pickling paste and it will ensure optimum reflectivity.

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