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Comfortable and efficient cordless drills

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article image Applies the user’s force directly onto the bit.

METABO has released the BSZ Comfortech cordless drill range is designed to be comfortable under constant. The Z-shaped design provides balance and applies the user’s force directly onto the bit. Users get maximum effect from their effort and they can use the drills for long periods without fatigue. The directional switch can be changed from forward to reverse easily, without changing grip.

The BSZ range is very efficient with a high number of screws per minute and per battery pack. That means the user can do more work in less time. The drills also have Metabo's Impulse feature that delivers a pulsed action, allowing the user to remove damaged screws or make safe starts on smooth surfaces such as tiles.

The charging system is now even faster, reducing downtime. Hot batteries can't accept a charge, and batteries heat up during normal use. Rather than waiting for the battery to cool down naturally Metabo's AC 30/ACS 15 air-cooled charger quickly cools down hot batteries, then delivers a pulsed charge to deep charge the battery. This process cuts charging time in half and extends battery life to as many as 2000 charges.

Users can choose from the 12V BSZ 12 Impulse, the 14.4V BSZ 14.4 Impulse and the 18V BSZ 18 Impulse. All models include two batteries, an AC 30 air-cooled charger and a bonus torch.

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