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Mesotherapy needles, protocols and techniques from Mesotherapy Worldwide

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The various mesotherapy products offered by Mesotherapy Worldwide include mesotherapy needles, circular multi injectors, linear multi injectors, multi injector plates, syringes-slip tip and luer lock, mesotherapy guns, skin rollers, BLT-anesthetic cream and mesotherapy injectables. Mesotherapy Worldwide also offers tips, tools and techniques on mesotherapy.

Mesotherapy Worldwide provides 50 protocols, formulas and procedures gathered from experts across countries. This guide offered by Mesotherapy Worldwide provides all the information, evidence, techniques and formulas required to offer an effective mesotherapy service. These protocols are available in CD ROM and printed version.

Mesotherapy Worldwide offers information on the various mesotherapy forms that include patient consent forms, patient history and evaluation forms, financial contract forms and treatment forms such as cellulite, localised fat, alopecia, skin rejuvenation, pin management and many more.

The mesotherapy needle supplied by Mesotherapy Worldwide consists of an ultra thin diameter of 30G and 27G needle making these needles to work effectively for sclerotherapy and mesotherapy treatments. These needles from Mesotherapy Worldwide are sterile and disposable and the accurate sharpness of the needle minimises the pain incurred during the treatment. The mesotherapy needles offered by Mesotherapy Worldwide are available in different sizes that include 30G x 4mm, 6mm, 1inch and ½ inch and 27G x 4mm, 6mm and ½ inch.

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