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Comprehensive EDA training and consulting services from Mentor Technologies.

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Mentor Technologies  located in Australia is the official distributor for designer tools to the electronics industry.  Representing the Mentor Graphics EDA software tools, Mentor Technologies provides training and consultancy service in Australia and New Zealand.

Mentor Technologies have specialised in providing most comprehensive EDA training and consulting services for improved electronic design and productivity. The upcoming software training programs include VHDL applications, HDL- based workshops and PCB based workshops.

Some of the courses currently offered by Mentor Technologies are VHDL Application Workshop, Design Capture for Expedition, Expedition PCB Introduction.

The VHDL Application Workshop is targeted at engineers who do not possess any experience in using VHDL. Trainees attending the workshop can gain an in-depth knowledge of the VHDL language and its applications.

Online registration is available for these training courses. Other training courses that are available on demand are designing with FPGA Advantage, FPGA Synthesis using Leonardo Spectrum, Design Flow using HDL Designer, Co-Verification with Seamless, HDL Simulation for ModelSim and Analog Simulation using Analog Designer.

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