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Floating sediment and turbidity curtains from Mentanz

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The various products offered by Mentanza include sediment curtains, geotex engineering, baffle systems, HDP baffles, dewatering bags and floating booms. Mentanza manufactures a wide range of filter baffle systems and sediment curtains. These systems from Mentanza have an extensive range of applications and are currently used by dredging, construction, mining and infrastructure companies.

The sediment and slit curtains offered by Mentanza are used to control the sediment on water based construction operations and control sediments from dredge deposition and dredging operations. The sediment system manufactured by Mentanza helps to control toxic algae, aquatic plants and screens large solids in effluent treatment ponds. Mentanza’s slit and sediment curtains can also be used to pre-filter the portable waters to remove fire debris and suspended solids.

The curtain skirts manufactured by Mentanza are furled to float assemblies in order to make the deployment easier. The curtains from Mentanza are deployed and anchored first in position and then skirts are dropped. If required, permanent furling lines can also be installed at additional cost. The curtain floats are fabricated out of 630gsm PVC along with reinforcing webbing below and above floats.

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