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Floating booms and baffles from Mentanza

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Mentanza  provides floating boom and baffle systems for a range of applications. The primary products offered by Mentanza include design and manufacture of slit curtains, floating sediment, drilling shrouds and piling shrouds for conditions from enclosed calm waters to open ocean. Mentanza also offers flexible underwater grout filled tubes and bags for filling, jacking, locking and blocking a range of marine construction appliances.

Mentanza has 25 years of practical experience in this particular industry combined with equipped workshop, specially designed for heavy geo-textile seaming and handling. Mentanza develops and fabricates products meeting the customer’s and environments demanding needs.

The various products offered by Mentanza include sediment curtains, geotex engineering, baffle systems, HDP baffles, dewatering bags and floating booms. Mentanza manufactures a range of floating booms. The booms manufactured by Mentanza can be used to control debris, surface pollutants and weed.

Baffles from Mentanza can be used to control the flow of liquid in pond, dam and lagoon. The baffles increase the detention of water flow from pond systems, thus allowing more time for the suspended solids to drop out. The different varieties of booms offered by Mentanza include general purpose buoyancy booms, heavy duty permanent booms and general purpose fence booms.

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