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Baffle systems, dewatering and pump filter bags from and Mentanza

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Mentanza  offers a range of products that include sediment curtains, geotex engineering, baffle systems, HDP baffles, dewatering bags and floating booms. Mentanza manufactures a wide range of floating and fixed baffle systems. These fixed and floating systems can be installed in process water ponds, waste water treatment systems, treatment cells and impoundments and portable water treatment plants.

The fixed and baffle floating system offered by Mentanza are used to increase the circulation and detention time to achieve the treatment objectives. The fixed and baffle floating system from Mentanza can be constructed from non reinforced and reinforced flexible membranes. Mentanza also supplies a full range of installation hardware that includes shackles, bottle screws, ballast chain and wire ropes in stainless steel.

The various accessories that are supplied with the fixed and floating systems offered by Mentanza include mooring and towing assemblies that includes bridles, lines and various types of anchors to meet the deployment needs. The tidal compensating system from Mentanza is available for permanent installations.

The pump filter and geo-textile dewatering bags from Mentanza are used to replace and complement the mechanical sediment removal equipment. Mentanza uses synthetic industries geo-textile for the construction of pump filter and dewatering bags.

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