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Melbourne Temporary Fencing offers chain link mesh

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Melbourne Temporary Fencing  provides safe mobile fencing solutions with its chain link mesh for an extensive range of applications including commercial construction sites, residential construction sites, housing sites, worksites etc. Other areas where mobile fencing is used includes sporting events, special events, visual barrier, public restricted areas, containment of equipment and materials, secure public safety, road works, prevention of materials, rubbish and debris from escaping from worksite.

Chain link mesh from Melbourne Temporary Fencing is available with 50 X 50 millimetre pitch and the wire thickness of the chain link mesh is 3.15 millimetres. Mesh is heavily galvanised that assures anti rust benefits.

Panel size of chain link mesh from Melbourne Temporary Fencing is 2500 X 2166 millimetres in length and height respectively. Outer diameter of the pipe is 42.5 and the thickness of the pipe is 2.5 millimetre.

Other range of fencing products from Melbourne Temporary Fencing includes standard welded wire mesh, premium welded wire mesh, concrete blocks and shade cloth.

In addition to supplying fence products for a wide range of applications, Melbourne Temporary Fencing also assists its clients with product design and installation. Melbourne Temporary Fencing also offers plastic moulded temporary fence blocks made to order to meet the individual fencing needs.

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