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Mining equipment available from Melbourne Machinery

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Melbourne Machinery  distributes an extensive range of mechanical and electrical equipment that includes mining equipment, motors, protection and control equipment and drives. The protection and control equipment supplied by Melbourne Machinery can be used for maintaining safety standards at the workplace. The industrial mining equipment from the company is available in a range of models and dimensions. Products from Melbourne Machinery are manufactured according to the industrial standards of quality and design. Melbourne Machinery also provides installation and support services to its clients for all its products and equipment.

Some of the electrical motors supplied by Melbourne Machinery include inline gear motors, right angle gear motors, reduction gear motors and speed controllers. The electric motors from Melbourne Machinery come in durable designs. Melbourne Machinery’s right angle gear motors are available in hollow and solid shaft configurations. The company also offers sales and distribution services for a range of industrial equipment and machinery including shaft mounted reduction boxes, drilling machines, over head hoists, speed controllers and pulleys.

The shaft mounted reduction boxes supplied by Melbourne Machinery have corrosion resistant capabilities. Other special products from Melbourne Machinery include speed reduction systems, process control lines, compressors, crushers and conveyor systems.

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