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Varieties of clean air products from Melaklean

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Melaklean  offers an extensive range of clean air products for the purpose of air treatment. These clean air products are highly efficient in reducing the bio-burden levels in the air. The raw materials used in Melaklean clean air products are natural non- toxic. The oils used here are of high-quality. These products help to decrease the microbiological contamination in the air.

The product range of Melaklean includes clean air products for residential, official and commercial use and also for air conditioning systems. The commercial liquid Melaklean clean air product is especially designed for the Heating Ventilating Air – Conditioning (HVAC) environment. This product helps to reduce the symptoms of sick air and sick building, by reducing the contamination level in the air. This type of clean air products are widely used in many commercial buildings.

The Melaklean clean air products designed for home and office use includes Melaklean- for air conditioning units, to be used in the air conditioning networks and Melaklean- for single rooms, for rooms without air conditioning.

The major benefits from the Melaklean clean air products includes, reduction in the level of contamination by yeast, bacteria and mould, sanitisation of the air conditioning units, reduction in the risk of infections and development of sick air / sick building syndromes.

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