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Storage system and tool cases supplied by Mektronics Co

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Mektronics Co  is a supplier of storage system and tool cases which include storage cabinets, cabinet stands, trolleys, bins, turntable assemblies and so on. Under storage cabinets, Mektronics Co provides visible storage cabinets, colour bin cabinets and high density storage cabinets. Visible storage cabinets are equipped with stylish industrial design with practical accessories which provide flexible and efficient storage space for small parts.

High density storage cabinets provided by Mektronics Co are made of robust construction with a load capacity of 240kg and can be used in workshops, stores and many other applications.

Mektronics Co also provides a range of turntable assemblies which include Spacemiser 12-550, Benchtop spacemiser PTP5 and turntable assemblies 16-300/400. The Spacemiser 12-550 turntable assemblies provided by Mektronics Co includes a ball bearing base, dividing trays and a baseplate and it can hold 12 visible storage cabinets in three layers.

A range of tool cases provided by Mektronics Co include custom cases, sewn tool cases, molded tool cases, aluminium tool cases, tool case pallets, carrying cases, shipping cases, foam-filled cases and so on. The sewn tool cases are made of two strong and long lasting materials which include DuPont Cordura Plus nylon and ballistic nylon. Sewn tool cases can withstand to the daily wear and tear of field repair technicians.

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