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VIDAR Vacuum Testers from Megger

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Megger  is a specialist provider of electrical test and measurement solutions.  

When a vacuum circuit breaker is commissioned or undergoes routine tests, it is very important to be able to ascertain whether or not the vacuum bottle is intact before putting it back into operation.  

VIDAR vacuum testers are designed to check the integrity of the vacuum bottle quickly and conveniently by means of the known relationship between the flashover voltage and the underpressure in the breaking chamber.  

A suitable test voltage (DC) is applied to the breaker and the result is displayed immediately.  

VIDAR vacuum testers offer a choice of six test voltages from 10 to 60 kV DC. One of these voltages is customised and specified by the customer when ordering.  

A green lamp indicates approval of the breaking chamber while a red lamp indicates that it is defective. A two-hand control and a high-voltage warning lamp enhance safety.  

VIDAR vacuum testers have been developed in close collaboration with leading manufacturers of vacuum circuit breakers. The circuit breaker testers weigh only about 6kg and offer user-friendly operation.  

VIDAR is suitable for field applications.

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