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The Megger MTO210 transformer ohmmeter measures winding resistance quickly and safely

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Incorporating the latest test technology and field experience, the new MTO210 transformer ohmmeters from Megger makes it easy to measure the DC resistance of all types of
magnetic winding quickly, safely and accurately. The unit is also ideal for checking the operation of on-load tap changers, which are one of the most common causes of
transformer problems.

Timesaving features include dual channel operation, which allows the resistances of transformer primary and secondary windings to be measured simultaneously, and bidirectional current output capabilities that allow users to take advantage of any existing magnetization in the winding core to aid rapid current stabilization.

When used to check the contact resistance of make-before-break tap changes and voltage regulators, the MTO210 transformer ohmmeter provides fast, dependable indication of pitted or misaligned contacts.

For added safety, circuitry is included that automatically discharges the winding or windings under test when the test is completed, if a lead is accidentally disconnected, or in the event of a power failure.

The MTO210 transformer ohmmeter offers facilities for demagnetizing winding cores before or after resistance testing is carried out, and it can also be used as a standalone core demagnetiser. Remaining magnetization will effect frequency response measurements on the transformer and may also cause high in-rush currents when the unit is put back in service.

Test results are shown on large LCDs, and can also be stored in the instrument’s internal memory for later printing or downloading. The MTO210 transformer ohmmeter is fully compatible with Megger’s PowerDB Lite software, which provides uniform test result analysis and reporting features for all types of power equipment tests.

Weighing less that 30 lbs, and built into a rugged case with a hinged lid and carrying handle, the MTO210 transformer ohmmeter is equally suitable for use on site and in the workshop.

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