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Putting fault location on the road

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To satisfy the need for vehicle-mounted fault location equipment, Megger offers three options- Megger can supply equipment for customers to install themselves in their own vehicle, providing installation advice and support as required. Alternatively, customers can supply their own vehicle and Megger will install equipment to suit their requirements. The final option is for Megger to supply a vehicle ready fitted with cable testing equipment selected to meet the customer’s needs.

To allow potential users to see the benefits of vehicle-mounted cable fault location equipment for themselves, Megger has produced a fully fitted demonstration vehicle, which is commencing an extended tour of locations throughout the UK and mainland Europe. Whichever option the user selects for their own vehicle, the equipment supplied will be based on products from Megger’s new PFL20 and PFL40A family of cable fault location and high voltage test equipment.

These test set cable fault location equipment are designed specifically to aid rapid, accurate location of cable faults in a wide range of power distribution cables, thereby cutting costly downtime. PFL20 cable fault location testers offer HV proof testing at up to 20 kV with surge energies up to 1,500 J, while the PFL40 models offer proof testing at up to 40 kV and surge voltage up to 34 kV with energies up to 2,000 J.

To ensure fast and convenient operation, the integral power supply can recharge the cable fault locator testers to full energy and voltage in as little as two seconds. PFL20 and PFL40 cable fault locators feature a high-voltage test set, complemented by a time domain reflectometer (TDR). The test set can be used to prove the integrity of cable networks or to confirm faults, and an operator-selectable overcurrent trip is incorporated to protect the system under test in the event of a cable breakdown.  

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