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Oil Test Sets from Megger Up the Ante in Oil Testing

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Redesigned in their entirety after a detailed analysis of user requirements, the new range of oil test sets from Megger sets new standards for performance, ease of use, reliability and value for money.  

The new OTS range of oil test sets includes laboratory instruments for testing up to 100 kV, and portable instruments including the world’s lightest oil test sets in the 60 kV and 75-80 kV ranges.  

Key features of these oil test sets:

  • Easy to maintain and clean test sets
  • Unique locking feature on electrode gap adjustment
  • Lightweight portable oil test sets
  • High voltage portable oil test sets

Tough chambers  

All the instruments in the range use the same test vessel, which is manufactured from a moulded material that has been specially selected as impervious to the effects of insulating oils and cleaning agents.  

The use of this material means that the vessels are much more resistant to breakage than their conventional glass counterparts and also much less expensive. These are major benefits for those who prefer to use separate vessels for each type of oil.  

Packed with useful features  

Megger’s new oil test sets also offer convenient and precise thumbwheel adjustment for electrode spacing. Unlike all other currently available instruments, the adjuster incorporates a locking mechanism that completely eliminates the problem of accidental electrode movement during testing.  

Other features include: 

  • Convenient pouring lip on the test vessel
  • Unique test chamber drain for spilt oil
  • Automatic oil temperature measurement
  • Support for both output voltage and output current breakdown detection
  • Facilities for storing results internally and on standard USB memory sticks
  • Data output is provided in .csv format for transfer into laboratory information management system software (LIMS)
  • USB memory sticks can also be used for loading different test standards

Range of OTS models  

The OTS range consists of five models including two portable and three laboratory oil test sets.  

The OTS60AF, OTS80AF and OTS100AF oil test sets are primarily intended for use in fixed locations such as laboratories and offer maximum test voltages of 60 kV, 80 kV and 100 kV respectively.  

The OTS60PB and OTS80PB oil test sets are compact lightweight instruments designed for portable use and offer maximum test voltages of 60 kV and 80 kV respectively.  

All models feature a colour display with straightforward menu navigation, which makes them fast and easy to use. In addition, the laboratory models have a large keypad to facilitate rapid data entry.  

Build-to-suit oil test sets  

Megger offers a configure-to-build service across the range. This allows purchasers to specify the precise combination of options they need and Megger builds the instrument to suit these requirements. This means that users can have all the features and facilities they need without having to pay for unwanted options.  

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