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Megger’s RCD Testers with a tough impact resistant body

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article image Rugged and compact RCD testers with impact resistant body
Megger 's tough RCDT300 range of RCD testers are available in three models. These rugged RCD testers feature a compact ergonomic design, making them easy to use.  

The testers have a tough impact resistant body with a rubber over moulding for additional protection, plus a built in display cover. All models in the RCDT300 range have a water and dust resistant IP54 protection rating.

Key features of the RCD testers includes:
  • operating current range of the RCDT320 covers 10mA to 1,000mA devices
  • measures AC supply voltage
  • large, backlit LCD display
  • save over 1,000 test results to internal memory
  • comply with IEC61010-1 for Category III 300V applications
The entry level RCDT310 model is suitable for use on supplies between 100V and 280V, and offers 0.5I, I and 5I tests, with settings for tests to star at 0ْ/180ْ of the supply waveform. Tests on DC RCD’s can also be preformed. The RCDT310 also has facilities for testing standard and selective RCDs and covers trip current ranges from 30mA to 500mA. As an added safety feature if connected to a live supply, it defaults to voltmeter mode.

The mid range RCDT320 covers a wider supply voltage range of 50V to 290V, allowing use with centre tapped 110V supplies. It incorporates ramp testing for RCD trip current measurement. Megger’s auto sequence test feature also saves time by allowing the tester to conduct all the RCD tests and store the results while the operator stands by the RCD, resetting it as appropriate.

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