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Megger MTO300 series of transformer ohmmeters

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The Megger MTO300 series of transformer ohmmeters measures all six windings of a three-phase transformer automatically without changing connections.
Featuring test current capability up to 10 A, Megger MTO300 transformer ohmmeters are able to provide simultaneous winding magnetization to ensure fast, accurate results, and auto-demagnetization after test, making the transformer ready for SFRA or excitation tests or for return to service.
By sharing the same lead set as the Megger TTR turns ratio testers, they make transformer testing even more convenient by allowing both turns ratio and resistance to be tested at once.
The automated, eight-terminal/ six-winding measurement capability of Megger MTO300 transformer ohmmeters saves time and money by testing all windings in one test sequence, helping to reduce disconnect/reconnect time and ladder time.
Megger transformer ohmmeters are available in two models to suit all users. While the MTO300 is controlled by PowerDB software on an external PC, the MTO330 has its own on-board computer, keyboard and display.
Key features of Megger MTO300 series transformer ohmmeters:
  • Simultaneous winding magnetization allows faster results even on large transformers
  • On-load tap-changer testing enables continuous operation with graphical display of winding resistance per tap, and test current change detection
  • Auto-demagnetization removes residual magnetization of transformer core after testing
  • Active circuitry monitors both current and voltage leads to ensure safe discharge of the transformer after test
  • PowerDB compatibility allows test data to be stored, organised and archived to produce reports quickly

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