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DET14C and DET24C Digital Earth Clamps from Megger

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Megger  offers the DET14C and DET24C digital earth clamps representing a new generation of earth/ ground clamp-on resistance testers.  

These elliptical-shaped instruments induce a test current into earth systems and measure ground resistance in multi-ground installations without needing to disconnect the ground.    

Key benefits include market leading access, advanced features, simple operation and CAT IV 600 V safety protection.  

The flat core ends prevent dirt build-up, ensuring measurement integrity and improved reliability over products with interlocking teeth.  

Other advantages of the digital earth clamps over existing products include improved accuracy and up to 300% increase in battery life.  

A built-in filter function offers increased noise immunity in electrically noisy environments.  

Key features of DET14C and DET24C digital earth clamps: 

  • Measures true RMS ground leakage current from 0.5 mA up to 35 A
  • Elliptical clamp shape improves access to earth cables and straps up to 50mm in space constrained locations
  • Low maintenance flat jaw interface
  • Measures ground resistance from 0.05 Ω to 1500 Ω
  • CAT IV 600 V safety rating
  • Backlit LCD display allows operation in dark and restricted areas
  • Suitable for use in power stations, substations, towers and other facilities
  • DET14C model offers storage of results for later on-screen recall
  • DET24C supports download of results via IrDA-to-USB link into PowerDB and Power DB Lite
  • Auto-current measurement safety feature
  • Automatic self calibration
  • Auto ranging
  • High and low alarms
  • Real-time clock for date and time stamping of results

Additional features in DET24C digital earth clamps include IrDA USB interface to PC, advanced memory functionality with download and compatibility with PowerDB/ PowerDB LiteTM, Megger’s acceptance and maintenance test data management software.  

The earth resistance clamp meters are particularly suitable for measuring earth resistance in various installations such as buildings, pylons and RF transmitter sites without system disconnection.  

Additionally, they can be used for the inspection and verification of lightning protection systems and virtually any installation where a current loop can be generated.

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