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Megger  specialises in the supply of a wide range of electrical test and measurement solutions.  

Higher voltages are often needed to provide test currents for older electro-mechanical relays.  

The 3-phase switched current amplifier designated CA3 solves this problem. It can provide 3 x 30 A or 1 x 60 A connected in parallel. Maximum output power is 600 VA (3 x 25 A at 8 V). If higher voltage is needed, one can make the connection between two phases (L-L).  

If higher current is needed, two or more current amplifiers can be connected in parallel, bringing the output current up to 180 A.  

The current amplifier can also be used in situations where more current generators are needed than the three built into FREJA 300.  

Since the current amplifier can be controlled by both current and voltage, it can be connected to FREJA's voltage generators. The number of current generators can be increased to six, which is convenient when testing differential relays.

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