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Comprehensive current transformer testing with the MCT1605 test set from Megger

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article image the MCT1605 test set from Megger offers comprehensive current transformer testing

Now available from Megger , the new MCT1605 test set offers comprehensive testing of current transformers both quickly and simply.

The Megger MCT1605 test set is a portable and lightweight, yet highly robust, unit which automatically or manually performs saturation, ratio, polarity, demagnetizing tests and insulation tests on current transformers, with the single push of a button. The MCT1605 calculates the knee point, measures the ratio, and checks the polarity of the current transformer.

The MCT1605 test set provides a microprocessor controlled variable voltage output and precision instrumentation for automatically testing single and multi-ratio current transformers.

By possessing microprocessor controlled output voltage with precision instrumentation and storage, the MCT1605 reduces testing time and increases productivity.

Furthermore, the MCT1605 test set directly connects to multi ratio current transformers to perform saturation, ratio and polarity tests on all taps without changing leads.

Featuring a large display, the MCT1605 current transformer test set allows users to read all pertinent data with ease, even while the test is in progress. It also provides the ability to view the current transformer’s saturation curve.

With the MCT1605 test set, current transformers can be tested in their existing equipment configuration, such as being mounted in transformers, oil circuit breakers or switchgear.

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