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BM12 and MJ10 Multivoltage Analogue Insulation and Continuity Testers from Megger

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article image BM12 and MJ10 Multivoltage Insulation and Continuity Testers

Megger  introduces a range of insulation and continuity testers designed as portable, self-contained instruments providing rapid and accurate measurements.  

The MJ10 and BM12 multivoltage analogue insulation and continuity testers have four DC insulation testing voltages (100 V, 250 V, 500 V and 1000 V) and a single insulation resistance range of up to 2000 M½. Similarly, continuity is measured with either polarity on a single 0-4 M½ range.  

The MJ10 and BM12 insulation testers and continuity testers have been designed for convenience and ease-of-use when testing complex or larger electrical installations in addition to commissioning, servicing or maintaining electrical equipment.  

The MJ10 testers are powered by a low voltage, hand-cranked generator designed for easy operation even under full load conditions. The low voltage generator is connected to an electronic inverter to provide a very stable test voltage.  

Measurement accuracy is unaffected by variations in the generator’s cranking speed and the test voltage is maintained at its rated value to as low as 1 M½ at 1000 V or 0.5 M½ at 500 V.  

The BM12 testers are powered by internal, replaceable batteries but have a similar specification and circuitry to the MJ10 instruments.  

Every instrument has a guard terminal, which may be used to prevent the effects of surface leakage from influencing the readings. This is achieved by diverting the leakage current through the guard terminal and away from the instrument’s measuring circuit.  

MJ10 and BM12 insulation and continuity testers are robust and lightweight in construction, and housed in a strong, polycarbonate case. All readings are displayed directly on an analogue meter.  

The test leads have right angled connectors and, when fitted to the instrument’s recessed terminals, the carrying handle folds down over them. These features prevent the leads being accidentally pulled out of the terminals during a test.  

Key applications of MJ10 and BM12 insulation and continuity testers: 

  • Safe testing of motors, generators, cables, switchgear, transformers, distribution networks, industrial and domestic installations, components and appliances
  • Testing installations to the requirements of international wiring regulations such as IEE Wiring Regulations and German Regulations VDE 0100
  • Insulation test voltage range allows testing of electrical equipment at 1000 Vdc or aircraft and telecommunications equipment at 100 Vdc if required

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