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B10E AC/DC voltage power supply units for circuit breaker testing, from Megger

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article image B10E AC/DC voltage power supply units are ideal for circuit breaker testing

In order to test a circuit breaker, a variable DC voltage is required. Testing with substation batteries poses a considerable risk for the testing personnel and testing equipment, as well as for the equipment being tested.

The B10E AC/DC voltage power supply from Megger  is a reliable and stable power supply for circuit breaker testing with a continuously variable 24-250 V AC or DC output. It features separate outputs for close coil, trip coil and spring charging motor voltage and direct triggering for minimum trip voltage testing.

The best way to ascertain whether or not solenoids and protective mechanisms are sluggish or working properly is to perform a test at minimum tripping voltage. The B10E AC/DC voltage power supply can be used to test breaker coils in this manner as it provides a ripple-free variable DC voltage that can easily accommodate a high, variable load.

Since it has a separate output for supplying spring charging motors, the B10E AC/DC voltage power supply is ideal for testing circuit breakers where auxiliary voltage is not connected or available.

These compact power supply units provide reliable assistance to those who do maintenance on high-voltage circuit breakers. The control panel features an intuitive layout, making it easy to operate, and the built-in thermal cutout and overload protector make it safe to use. The B10E AC/DC voltage power supply has been developed in collaboration with breaker manufacturers and testing personnel.

The B10E is a portable self contained test set designed specifically for use in substations and industrial locations. Intended for testing medium voltage power circuit breakers, the B10E AC/DC voltage power supply uses a ripple free variable DC voltage to operate breaker coils, and charging motors to ascertain the condition of these devices with respect to the manufacturer’s original specifications.

Key features and benefits of the B10E AC/DC voltage power supply include:

  • operated with a breaker analyser for efficiency in testing sequence
  • digital voltage readout display for voltage selection
  • discrete button for turning on spring-charging motor voltage
  • changeover switch used to select either coil outputs or spring charging motor outputs
  • output for AC/DC voltage supplied to closing/breaking (tripping) coil
  • no need for customer owned power supply for testing electrical operation of medium voltage breakers.

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