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AccuTrace cable route tracers available from Megger

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Available now from Megger , the AccuTrace cable route tracer traces and determines the depth of any conductive line as well as energised or de-energised lines through inductive or conductive coupling.

The AccuTrace cable route tracer consists of a transmitter, which energises the line with a traceable signal, and a portable receiver, which detects the signal. The transmitter
can energise the line either by magnetic induction from a built-in antenna or by direct conductive connection to the metallic line.

Energising the line conductively provides increased tracing distance and minimises signal coupling to other lines. Inductive coupling, which does not require a mechanical connection to the line, permits a buried line to be traced without uncovering or de-energising it.

The transmitter provides a simple, LO/HI pushbutton to adjust the transmitted signal’s strength, and a PULSE button for battery conservation and easy identification of the signal.

The receiver can be used to trace lines using either peaks (detection of the maximum signal) or nulls (detection of the minimum, or zero, signal).

The antenna is swivel-mounted for operation in vertical, horizontal or 45° mode used to calculate depth. The receiver provides audible and visual indication of detected signal strength. Simple controls adjust sensitivity and amplification, and a jack provides for audio output to an optional headset.

Standard AA batteries provide these cable tracers up to 30 hours of continuous operation and when not in use the receiver is not in use, the telescoping handle retracts for convenient, compact storage.

AccuTrace cable route tracers locate and trace any conductive line such as cable, pipe or metallic conduit. Depth of the line can be established quickly by taking advantage of the swivelmounted antenna. Adding an optional ring clamp to the system provides a stronger inductive signal for tracing in areas with heavy cable activity.

Blockages in water pipes such as sewer lines can be found with the use of an optional watertight capsule transmitter. A tape-on transmitter lets the operator locate collapsed duct work.

Key features and benefits of the AccuTrace cable route tracer include:

  • easy to use and simple to operate
  • conductive coupling lets the operator discriminate between multiple utility cables in a common trench and trace the line of interest
  • inductive coupling lets the signal be transmitted without a direct metal-to-metal connection
  • cables that do not have exposed terminations can be traced with ease
  • both peak-tracing and null-tracing mode methods can be used during a single trace to ensure accuracy and speed
  • null-tracing is fast and can be used to identify sharp direction changes, while peak-tracing can be used to find the cable at the start of the trace and to identify cable location when conditions make null-tracing ineffective.
  • if conditions such as cable depth make normal inductive tracing inefficient, the superinductor circuitry will produce a signal that the receiver can trace
  • the receiver picks up only the distinctive transmitted signal by filtering out electric noise and static
  • extremely loud, adjustable audio output eliminates the need for headphones in noisy areas
  • extremely lightweight receiver increases operator comfort when tracing long cables or when using for extended periods.

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