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50/100 kV AC dielectric test sets from Megger

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Now available from Megger , 50/100 kV AC dielectric test sets are ac high-voltage sources for testing electrical insulation.

The standard system includes a control/instrument cabinet, a high-voltage transformer assembly, and all the necessary cables, including those for ground and input power.

The high-voltage transformer for these dielectric test sets is installed in an oil-filled, heavy-duty, fiberglass tank permanently mounted on a cart with casters. Convenient points are provided on the tank top (0 to 100 kV) and side (0 to 50 kV) for connection to the high-voltage output.

A voltage divider is permanently connected to the output terminals and installed inside the high-voltage tank for mechanical protection. A wing nut is provided on the cart for the ground connections. Storage space is provided on the cart for the control cabinet, instruction manual and cables.

These dielectric test sets consist of general-purpose ac high-voltage sources suitable for dielectric withstand testing of all types of electrical insulation. They also permit guarded leakage current measurements and are suitable for use with capacitance and dissipation factor bridge systems to measure the insulation power factor.

The 686100 Series dielectric test sets are recommended for special applications involving resistive loads, or small capacitive loads with extended test durations.

Key features and benefits of thes dielectric test sets include:

  • suitable for testing aerial bucket trucks according to ANSI A92.2
  • 50-kV tap with doubled output current permits testing bucket liners according to ANSI A92.2
  • built-in, four-range output current meter with guard circuit
  • four-range output kilovoltmeter has accuracy unaffected by sample loading
  • high-speed overvoltage and overcurrent trip-out holds test voltage reading at instant of trip-out
  • output signals are provided for both voltage and current meters, on all ranges, to permit external recording of test data
  • zero-start safety interlock system with provision for external safety interlocks and warning lights
  • 15-ft (4.6-m) inter-unit cables, separate control and highvoltage units for safety during tests.

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