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Medvet Laboratories provides a comprehensive drug and alcohol testing service and product sales Australia wide. Medvet can conduct on site drug testing and on site alcohol testing and supplies a wide range of drug testing kits and drug detection equipment.


Supplier news
19/07/13 - A number of things should be considered when choosing drug testing equipment.
Supplier news
28/11/12 - Medvet Laboratories now offers the Medvet Oral7, an independently certified oral fluid testing device designed specifically for workplace drug testing.
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17/10/11 - Synthetic cannabis can be up to 100 times the strength of the real drug, but is difficult to detect in drug tests. Medvet can help to keep testing policies up to date to avoid legal loopholes.
Supplier news
02/08/05 - DRUG and alcohol use in the workplace is a hidden problem for many manufacturing businesses, says an Australian supplier of workplace drug and alcohol tests.

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Medvet Laboratories (Head office) Update these details
115 Sherriff St
SA 5032
Tel: 1800 633 838
Fax: 08 8132 7401

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SiteScreen On-site Screening Kit

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