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Range of monitoring medical equipment offered by Medusoft

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Medusoft  is a provider of various ECG monitoring instruments and medical equipment. Some of the medical equipment provided by Medusoft include Audiometer, Arteriograph, Spirometer, Saltpipe, Cardy ECG monitoring systems and so on. Medusoft provides Cardy ECG monitoring device with built-in intelligence system which provides accurate ECG diagnosis and helps to combat heart diseases.

Some of the features of Cardy ECG monitoring system include conventional (12 electrode) ECG monitoring on a PC monitor, calculation of time and amplitude parameters, rhythm and form analysis diagnosis, visualisation of more than one graph and so on.

Medusoft also provides Cardy Pet which helps to diagnose cardiac abnormalities of animals. Cardy Pet from Medusoft is a PC based intelligent ECG system which provides traditional ECG tasks like measurement, analysis and data storage.

Cardy Pet system is fully compatible with most of the Telehealth technologies (Internet, remote diagnostic) and its compact size offers great flexibility in applications and portability.

The Arteriograph provided by Medusoft helps to calculate Systolic and Diastolic blood pressure (Sys, Dia), Mean arterial pressure (MAP), Pulse pressure (PP), Heart rate (HR), Augmentation index (AIx), Heart rate corrected augmentation index (AIx80) and so on.

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