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Rotating beacon industrial warning lights from Mechtric

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Mechtric  are providers of different types of industrial warning lights grouped under rotating beacons. Model RA, model EHS, model EHB, rotalarm, AT/R5H1, MR series, babyrot H, model RM and blindo rotalarm are the different types of rotating beacons. The model RA rotating beacon is supplied with spare lamps. These warning lights are 20 watt bulbs with 150 rpm flash rate.

The cable entry for model RA warning lights is through the base. Model EHS rotating beacons from Mechtric are halogen lamps in low voltage versions such as 110 volt and 240 volt. Model EHS rotating beacons are designed with a metal base.

Rotalarm rotating beacons from Mechtric are double insulated lamps available with a wide range of voltages, designed to suit diverse specifications. These warning lights are available in halogen and conventional lamp models.

There are three models of halogen rotalarm rotating beacons and seven models of conventional lamp models available from Mechtric. The cable entry of rotalarm rotating beacons is through the M16 construction. Rotalarm rotating beacons are constructed with polycarbonate base and self extinguishing domes.

Blindo rotalarm from Mechtric are cast aluminium base lights designed with wire guards. These warning lights are classified into halogen and conventional lamps. There are five models of conventional blindo rotalarm lamps and three types of halogen blindo rotalarm lamp models available.

Babyrot H rotating beacon warning lights are double insulated halogen lamps available in all voltages. These industrial warning lights are compatible with OVO LED beacons and supplied with mounting pole. The cable entry for balyrot H rotating beacons is designed through a base.

Mechtric also offer other industrial warning lights such as strobe lights, LED beacons, flashing/static beacons, light stacks and indicators.

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